Below is the 2018 information.  The 2019 information will be provided in January.


The SIMS Showdown is the medical student simulation competition at TCEP CONNECT 2018. Medical students of all levels and from all medical schools in Texas are invited to register a team comprised of five students.

The event will run from 12:00 – 5:00 pm on Saturday, April 14,

as part of the Medical Student Track at TCEP CONNECT.

The competition is a single-elimination, bracket-style challenge. For each round, two teams will run the same case and will be judged by faculty from a variety of programs using standardized criteria. The cases utilized in the competition are original cases that will be faculty-reviewed and will include a variety of urgent/emergent pathologies in an emergency department setting. Students will have access to vitals, physical exam findings, labs, imaging, multidisciplinary consults, and varying degrees of patient history to determine the appropriate direction of management for the “patient” in the case.

The teams of students will be primarily judged on their performance in team dynamics and communication, but will secondarily earn points by identifying correct diagnostic and management steps.

We are currently accepting ONE team registration per school, but availability is subject to change. If your team members change after your registration is completed, you must email the edited team list to

All students MUST be registered for the conference to be eligible for the competition. Students will be contacted during the week prior to the event about when to report for their first round. 

If you have any questions about the details of the event, please contact the SIMS Showdown directors, Kate Phillips ( and Evan Strobelt (

If you would like more information about the Student Initiative in Medical Simulation, please visit

Use password

” showdown2018 ”

when registering

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